UI 3.20.0

26th June, 2020


  • Functionality has been added to the user interface to support the upcoming historical breadcrumb navigation feature. This feature allows historical navigation to be added to a flow, allowing users to navigate to previously visited pages. If historical navigation is enabled, breadcrumb-style navigation links are inserted at the top of the flow, enabling users to quickly navigate back through their flow page history to previously visited pages. A new link is added to the breadcrumb navigation each time a user clicks on an outcome to navigate to the next location in the flow path, such as the next map element in the flow, or to another map element in a subflow. In this way, the breadcrumb links trail is built up as the user navigates forward through the flow. (FLOW-1544)


  • No error message was displayed to users to inform them that the Boomi Flow Amazon S3 service does not support file listing. With this fix, an error message “Listing all files is not yet supported in the S3 Service” is displayed to inform the user that file listing cannot be performed using the Amazon S3 service. (FLOW-1597)
  • Offline flow caching was sometimes not being performed correctly, resulting in missing cached values or caching not being carried out correctly. With this fix, offline flow caching behaviour is carried out correctly when a flow is run offline. (FLOW-1618)
  • Users were unable to edit date/time fields in an editable table component. With this fix, clicking/tapping on a date/time field allows a flow user to edit the field contents. (FLOW-473)