UI 3.21.0

30th June, 2020


  • When a user selected a menu item from a navigation drop-down menu, the drop-down menu continued to display. With this fix, the drop-down menu correctly disappears when a user selects an item from within it. (FLOW-1733)

The behavior of the upcoming historical breadcrumb navigation feature has been modified:

  • The historical navigation breadcrumb trail only listed any previous map elements that had been navigated to. With this fix, the name of the current map element is also displayed at the end of the breadcrumb trail, to inform the user of their current map element location. (FLOW-1953)
  • Multiple navigation between the same map elements would previously result in the breadcrumb trail collapsing to minimize the items displayed. With this fix, this removal of duplicate map element navigation has been removed so that all navigation is displayed, even if has occurred multiple times between the same map elements. (FLOW-2007)
  • If you expanded the historical navigation breadcrumb, and then moved via an outcome to another page/step in the flow, the breadcrumb stayed expanded. With this fix, the breadcrumb re-collapses upon movement. (FLOW-2004)