UI 3.22.0

13th July, 2020


  • Flow users are now able to more easily delete individual values from a multi-select Combobox on a page. When a value is selected, it is added to the Combobox selection field to indicate it has been selected, and an ‘x‘ icon is displayed on the value. This allows a user to simply click on a value to remove it from the selection. (FLOW-1800)


  • A complex Page Condition was able to be saved by a flow builder even if a Page Operation or Page Rule had not been added. A ‘Value cannot be null‘ error was also displayed. With this fix, the Condition panel states that at least one Page Rule and one Page Operation must be added before the Page Condition can be saved, with the Save button disabled until both sections have had an item added. (FLOW-2001)
  • Resizing editable fields in a table component could result in visual misalignment of the field columns as a flow user could drag-resize fields without any width or height restrictions. With this fix, editable fields can only be resized in height, and have been enhanced so that double-clicking an editable table cell will display the editable contents in a separate modal popup window. (FLOW-471)