UI 3.23.0

17th July, 2020


  • When entering text into a searchable combobox field to filter/search the options (such as the Select Page field on the Page form), the focus would shift into the initial input field on the page as the text was being entered. This was because the autofocusinput player setting would shift focus whenever a component on the page made an object data request, such as populating a combobox with data from an external service. With this fix, focus shifting when entering text does not occur in fields of this type. (FLOW-1402)
  • Applying the justify attribute to an outcomes component did not modify the justification for the button group when viewed in a browser. With this fix, this attribute works correctly, allowing you to define whether an outcomes component should be aligned to the left, center, or right of a container. To learn more about using the justify attribute, see the topic Outcomes component attributes. (FLOW-1910)