Uninstalling the Flow app from SharePoint

Here is how we can uninstall the Boomi Flow app from SharePoint:

  1. Log in to your SharePoint account.
  2. Navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center and select apps.

    This opens the Apps screen.
  3. Click App Catalog.

    This opens the My App Catalog – Home.
  4. Click Distribute Apps for SharePoint.

    This opens the Apps for SharePoint screen.
  5. Select the Boomi Flow app.
  6. Right-click on the selection, and select Delete.
  7. This opens a confirmation dialog box. Click OK.

    This deletes the Flow app from the SharePoint app catalog. If we have a site in SharePoint that uses the Flow app, we have to delete that as well.
  8. Navigate to the site that uses Flow in SharePoint and right-click on the Boomi Flow app.

    This opens the options to Monitor, Manage Permissions, and Remove.
  9. Select Remove. This will tell us that the action is not supported in the current view.
  10. Click Return to classic SharePoint.
  11. Select Boomi Flow.

    This opens a dialog box.
  12. Click Remove.
  13. Click OK to confirm the removal. We will have to wait a few seconds while SharePoint is removing the app.
  14. If we are absolutely sure we will not be needing this version of the Flow app, we can remove it from the SharePoint second-stage recycle bin as well. Click Recycle Bin.
  15. Click the second-stage recycle bin link.

    This opens the second-stage recycle bin.
  16. Select the Boomi Flow app.
  17. Click Delete Selection.
  18. Click OK to confirm the removal.

This removes the Boomi Flow app from SharePoint. Here is how to reinstall the app again.