Unpublishing a flow

When we publish a flow, the Flow engine creates a snapshot version of the flow. This snapshot is the package that is sent to the Flow platform runtime engine.

When we delete a flow, we delete the flow from the tenant. However, once a flow is published, the snapshot of the flow is not deleted. This means, even though a deleted flow is not available from the Flows tab, the flow snapshot continues to exist in the tenant.

One way to see a deleted flow would be from the Select a flow dropdown menu in the Export section of the Import/Export tab.

Here is how we can delete a flow snapshot or unpublish a flow:

  1. Click API to open the API editor.
  2. Copy-paste the following endpoint in the URL field: /api/draw/1/flow/activation/{id}/{version_id}/{is_default}/{is_activated}

  3. We will do two things now. First, let’s replace {id} and {version id} with the Flow ID and Flow Version ID of the flow we want to unpublish. For example, say the Flow ID is 09ab7fc7-0553-4438-98b0-c0a16a6b2b7d and the Version ID is 5dc2ee81-b014-4ef5-8796-3779aace1ab8, the endpoint will be /api/draw/1/flow/activation/09ab7fc7-0553-4438-98b0-c0a16a6b2b7d/5dc2ee81-b014-4ef5-8796-3779aace1ab8/{is_default}/{is_activated}
  4. The is_activated key indicates if the flow snapshot is accessible to end-users. We will set it to false.