Using tokens to share a flow

We know all about exporting and importing flows. There is now a quicker and faster way to share a flow between tenants – one that does not use files. Instead – we have tokens. (Welcome to the new age, to the new age.)

Let’s look at how we can do this. First, we have a 30-second video. Next, we have the steps outlined in detail.


  1. Click LOG IN to login to the Boomi Flow Drawing Tool.
  2. Under Tools in sidebar, select Import/Export.
  3. Click Select a Flow.

    This lists all the published flows available in the tenant.
  4. Select the flow that needs to be exported. (Let’s say: Agenda builder – O. )
  5. Click Generate Sharing Token.

    This generates a token we share.
  6. Copy the token.
  7. Open the tenant where we want the flow to be. (This could be either a subtenant or a new tenant that belongs to us, or a new tenant associated with an entirely different account.)
  8. Click Import/Export.
  9. Paste the token.
  10. Click Import. This imports the flow to the tenant.

(We did say, using tokens will make sharing packages short and sweet!)

Couple of things to keep in mind – When we import a flow, the services used in the flow as well as any dependencies, are also imported in the package. It is therefore a good idea to update the service after importing a flow; this will update the types, and the service can be used in subsequent flows. If we do not update the service, types not in use by the imported flow will not be recognized by the Flow engine, and bad, bad things will happen.

API documentation: 

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