Values – Access options

We have the option of configuring how we want a value to be accessed, when we are creating or editing the value.

There are four types of access we can chose from — Private, Input, Output, Input and Output.

Let’s look at what they mean:

  1. Private
    We can’t set the value as the flow initializes. The value is not included in the ‘Done’ response from the API when the flow ends either.
  2. Input
    The value will allow inputs directly from outside integrations.
  3. Output
    The value will be included in the ‘Done’ response from the Flow API when the flow ends.
  4. Input & Output
    The value can be passed from one flow to another (by using a query string, the ManyWho Runtime service for subflows, message actions like the Twilio webhook, etc.).

The option to configure access is available on expanding the Advanced section in the Values tab, while creating a value.

We can change the access once we have created a value as well.