What level of support can we expect?

Boomi Flow is focused on your success.  We operate a tiered Support and Professional Services process that can be tailored to your specific needs. The fundamental building blocks are:

Standard Support:  Your annual license subscription includes Standard Support.  This level of support grants you access to our online ticketing system. You also receive all the software enhancements as they are released. Standard Support allows you to raise suspected bugs in our core product and make suggestions for product enhancements, as well.  

Premium Support:  This is an enhanced version of Standard Support.  Under a Premium Support agreement, you can raise tickets that are concerned with your project, not just with the core product.  Questions like ‘How do I do XYZ?’ can be raised under this support level. Premium is a paid-for service.  We can integrate more deeply with your internal team under a Premium Support model – for example through a Slack channel. 

Professional Services:  We can help you with your project implementation through our Professional Services function.  Professional Services are paid for and scoped under a Statement Of Work (SOW).  An SOW may cover items such as training, building integrations, coaching your flow builders etc. 

You can find more information on support comparison here.

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