Working with the Flow player

When we build an app on the Boomi Flow platform, the app does not yet have an user interface. What happens is, the platform describes the user interface elements to the player, and the player turns the description into an interface. The platform does not generate the interface; the player does.

A Flow player is this interface used to render our apps. Players use themes (think of them as skins) for the app. We ship with all of the Bootswatch themes as standard, as well as the Salesforce 1 theme. The Bootstrap Paper theme is the default version of the theme in the player.

All tenants ship with a default player, that can be used to run apps.

For example, this is how an app is rendered using the Flow default player:

We can also create a new player, and customize the CSS code.

Here is the example of an app that is rendered using a custom Salesforce player:

Here is the code for the default player:

Please check here for the most updated version of the player code. We can also access the code by opening the Players tab and selecting the default player.

Flow players are shared source.